Services you may need to pay for

Some services are not funded by the NHS

The NHS provides free healthcare but some things don’t count as “healthcare” and need to be paid for.

Any medical report you ask us to prepare, any forms you ask us to fill in or sign, anything you ask us to do in support of privately funded treatment, and any occupational medical checks you ask us to undertake, are not part of the NHS service.

Please expect to pay a fee for these services. A basic price guide is shown below but do ask us to confirm what the charge will be before we carry out the work. The completed report or form will not be returned to you until you have paid.

Private prescription£15
Private sick note£15
Fitness to travel/participate£25
Passport or driving license forms£25
Any other forms£25
Copy of medical records (paper and postage costs)up to £25
Paper copies of bloods results/urine results/x-ray, etc.£1 per result
Holiday cancellation form    £25
Private medical reports including examination and or report and completion of required forms; (additional investigations: bloods, urine, ECG and radiology will be an additional cost£240 per hour, £120 for 30 mins