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We are the NHS first point of contact for thousands of local people. Join us and make a real difference.

HFP Medical looks after more than 70,000 patients in the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and our team of 180 people includes a wide range of roles.

We’re always looking for people to join one of our five GP surgeries – The Bush Doctors, North End Medical Centre, Park Medical Centre, Richford Gate Medical Practice, and Brook Green Medical Centre. Ideally you’ll be compassionate and caring, effective at team working, and live not too far from West London

On this page you can find out more about us, the roles in our team, Frequently Asked Questions, and information about training and career development

About HFP Medical

60% of our staff are clinical, including doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, health coaches and link workers. 40% of our staff are reception, administration and management.

75% of us are female, 65% of us work part-time, we have more than 20 nationalities, and our ethnic diversity is as wide as the patient population we serve.

Every 6 months we run a staff engagement survey and the latest results show average satisfaction at 79%.

Reception roles

Each of our five surgeries has a reception team and this is one of the key entry points to HFP Medical. Quite a few of our more senior staff originally started as a receptionist as it’s a great way to learn how everything works. The starting salary for our reception team is currently £23,522 for full time working of 37.5 hours per week.

The duties are wide ranging including greeting patients and answering their queries face to face, answering the phone to deal with queries and requests, general admin like registering new patients, messages in the surgery email account, and assisting the doctors with various admin tasks.

Admin roles

We have a range of admin roles which are the next step up from reception, including:

  • managing all the patient referrals that the doctor teams make to other NHS services
  • working in our eHub which receives all the digital requests from patients from all the surgeries
  • processing inbound letters from other NHS services to make sure we follow up properly, and patients medical records are kept up to date
  • managing patient data and running text message campaigns linked to preventative health programmes including immunisations, smears, and diabetes

The salary for these admin roles varies and is between £23,522 and £25,844 for full time working of 37.5 hours per week.

Healthcare assistants

Our healthcare assistants carry out a range of clinical duties directly with patients such as taking blood, blood pressure measurement, other physical checks, lifestyle questionnaires and covid vaccinations. You’ll see patients one to one in your own clinic room. Our healthcare assistants come from a variety of backgrounds. Some started in reception or admin and have trained with us, others joined us and were already doing the role elsewhere, and we also have overseas nurses who have come to the UK and work as a healthcare assistant whilst they finalise their UK nursing registration.

The salary for most of our healthcare assistants is £28,417 for full time working of 37.5 hours per week.

Care coordinators

This is a new role which we are introducing that involves working closely with one or more doctors to manage a specific list of complex patients. The list might be focused on mental health, or paediatrics, or frail/elderly. Because these patients have quite complex needs, you will work closely with the doctor in charge to make sure that all the different parts of the NHS and social services are brought together to deliver an integrated package of care. The work is quite complex and so requires considerable experience and a wide range of skills. Care coordinators might have a clinical background, or they may have worked in various challenging admin roles, or a care coordination role elsewhere in the NHS. It also requires good IT skills and an ability to manage your own workload proactively.

The salary for care coordinators is according to skills and experience.

Link workers

This is a new role which we have introduced in the last 18 months. Link workers support the doctors with patient needs that are non-medical such as housing issues, debt problems, loneliness and isolation. The link workers assist patients by understanding their needs so that they can pinpoint local services that might help them, and then introducing them to these services. The combination of social assistance from the link workers and medical support from the clinical team is much more effective.

The starting salary for link workers is £25,600 for full time working of 37.5 hours per week but we pay more where someone has extensive proven experience.

Health coaches

This is another new role which involves running and leading group consultation programmes. At the moment the focus is on patients at risk of developing diabetes or who already have diabetes, but in the future we plan to expand the scope. Group consultations involve up to 10 patients, and each group will go through a series of sessions, usually around 6 to 8. We have a programme of education and discussion, and each session has a particular focus and might also include a guest speaker such as a pharmacist or doctor. The health coaches run the whole programme and are experts in the lifestyle aspects of managing diabetes and reducing the risks of developing it. Group consultations allow patients to interact with other similar people, and also to learn from each other and provide mutual support. It’s more supportive and effective because it empowers patients with knowledge and they can motivate each other.

The starting salary for health coaches is £27,136 for full time working of 37.5 hours per week, and it requires prior experience.

Pharmacy roles

All of our surgeries have their own pharmacy team. We don’t dispense medicines so the work is all clinical, and there are two roles:

  • Pharmacy technicians. Managing repeat prescribing, dealing with patient queries, audit and safety work, and other ad hoc projects. Salaries for our pharmacy technicians start at £31,342 for full time working of 37.5 hours per week, according to experience.
  • Pharmacists. Consulting with patients and prescribing medication for minor ailments and long terms conditions, advising doctors on best practice and technical support for complex prescribing, supporting patients with concordance and dealing with polypharmacy. Our senior pharmacists often lead services for chronic disease, for example respiratory, and also liaise extensively with hospital specialists to ensure that we’re following best practice. Salaries for our pharmacists range between £45k and £70k for full time working of 37.5 hours per week, according to experience.

Nursing roles

All of our surgeries have their own nursing team. Roles include:

  • Healthcare assistants (see above)
  • Nursing Associates. This is an intermediate role that allows healthcare assistants to develop into a full nursing role. It requires two year’s part-time study (which is funded) alongside two years training in practice. A fully qualified nursing associate starts on £31,342 for full time working of 37.5 hours per week
  • Practice Nurses. Our practice nurses have three different backgrounds. They either trained as a nursing associate and have progressed from there, or they have been a practice nurse for some time in another GP surgery before they join us, or they have been through the 1 year General Practice Nurse programme which enables qualified nurses from other settings (hospital or community) to convert to GP practice nursing. Salaries for our nurses range between £36k and £47k for full time working of 37.5 hours per week, according to experience
  • Advanced Clinical Practitioners. These are senior nurses with additional qualifications, and and they are also prescribers. They are involved in managing on the day acute demand and/or manage a complex caseload such as frailty. Salaries for our ACPs range between £47k and £56k for full time working of 37.5 hours per week

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always looking for new reception team members and good doctors, so you can email your CV directly to All our vacancies are advertised on the national NHS Jobs site or BMJ.

We start by screening all applications and then proceed to first interview. Who does the interview depends on the role. Sometimes the initial interview will be on Microsoft Teams (for convenience), sometimes we’ll invite you in for a face to face interview.

Depending on the role, there may be a second interview (which is always face to face), and/or we may run some competency or skills tests.

Throughout the whole process you’ll have a chance to see the working environment and get a feel for what it’s like to work here. When we make you an offer it will be dependant on a number of normal pre-employment checks including right to work, DBS check, references, and evidence of qualifications. For some roles we will check your professional registration (nurses, pharmacists and doctors). There is also a pre-employment questionnaire so that we can identify any support needs. New starters go through an induction and training programme relevant to their role, and there is a probation review after three months.

All staff are paid once month on the last working day of the month. Your pay slip details your gross pay, tax and pension deductions, and any overtime or other pay supplements.

Standard full time at HFP Medical is 37.5 hours per week. Our opening hours at each surgery are 8am to 6.30pm and so all the clinical staff and reception team are put in a rota to make sure we are staffed appropriately throughout each day. Generally, we’re pretty flexible and try to accommodate people’s preferences in terms of start and finish times. Holiday bookings are managed so that people can have time off when they want as long as there are enough staff in the surgery. A lot of our staff work part-time hours and that’s fine with us. And staff can change their hours up or down if their personal circumstances change. Home working is possible, but generally not in your first 6 months with us, and some roles can be done from home whereas others cannot. Homeworking is an option, subject to approval, but the default is for everyone to work on site so that we maximise service flexibility and team communication.

The annual holiday allowance for full time staff is 25 days plus 8 bank holidays. The allowance is scaled down if you work part-time. Clinicians who are able to prescribe (mainly doctors and pharmacists) get an extra 5 days. Each year, everyone has the opportunity to buy an extra week or sell one week. If you take this option your salary and holiday allowance are adjusted.

All staff have the opportunity to join the NHS Pension scheme. This requires you to make a contribution out of your pay which for front-line staff is 5.6% of your gross pay. When you contribute to the pension scheme, we also provide an employer contribution of 20.7% of your gross pay. We only make this contribution if you are in the pension scheme – you do not benefit from it if you are not in the scheme. The percentage contribution you make depends on your salary, so more senior staff have to make a bigger contribution so, for example, a nurse will contribute 9.3% of their gross pay, and a doctor will contribute 13.5% of their pay. The employer contribution is always 20.7%.

During your probation period you will be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (“SSP”), if you are unwell and unable to attend work. After your probation period you will be entitled to sick pay linked to your length of service: up to 1 year you receive up to 1 week full pay and then SSP, from 2 to 5 years’ service you receive up to 1 month’s full pay and 2 months half pay, and beyond 5 years service you receive 3 months full pay and 3 months half pay. The only exception to this is for doctors who receive sick pay in line with hospital doctors.

We also offer a Bike2Work scheme which enables you to access significant discounts on bicycle purchase, and a 12 month payment plan.

And we have a partnership with London Plus Credit Union, based in Fulham, which gives our staff access to attractive savings and loan rates.

Our Current Vacancies

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